Fixation Coffee is bringing rich, full flavour back to the coffee world. We roast our coffees using the latest fluid-air bed roasting technology, which gives them a more consistent, satisfying flavour. We believe in forming strong partnerships with our wholesale customers by sharing our knowledge and equipping them with the skills to transform expertly brewed beans into perfectly crafted coffees.



All our coffees are roasted on site in Tauranga, where you will find us roasting, cupping, tasting, and continually testing our favourite exotic origins of the season.

We are one of only a few New Zealand coffee roasters who have invested in the latest fluid-bed roasting technology. This, combined with more than a decade in the industry, equips us with the experience and expertise to ensure full-bodied, rich flavour in every cup.



To us, taste is the great equaliser. Our high-quality exotics, which are imported from the ends of the earth and fluid-air roasted in Tauranga, makes for a very unique experience – the taste is richer, fuller and more satisfying.

Our coffee is responsibly sourced to promote better living conditions in developing countries and provide greater economic incentives for producers.


Free Delivery on 500gm orders and orders 2kg and over nationwide! (Excludes Rural Delivery)