Our promise to you is total commitment to coffee perfection.


Our fluid air roasting process produces consistent results time after time, regardless of the human managing the process. Our customers appreciate the consistent quality.

The best Coffee Beans deserve the best Packaging: Our bags include a zip-lock seal which allows you to open and reseal the bag while using the coffee.

All coffee delivered from Fixation Coffee to the customer is heat sealed to prevent premature opening. For use, simply remove the heat seal and unzip the bag.



Korofeigu Organic

1400-1900 MASL

Bena Bena Valley of the Eastern Highlands

Milling Process:
Washed, Sun-dried

Arabica Variety:
Arusha, Blue Mountain

Tasting Notes:
Very Bright, Fruity and Clean on the Palate, medium acidity, medium body. A Delicious and Vibrant Coffee, Exclusive to Fixation coffee roasters.

Buy Korofeigu Organic as this months special Single Origin coffee of the month.

The blends containing Korofeigu Organic are Jolt, Fix, and Fairtrade Organic

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