Our Coffee Blends

Fixation Coffee starts with premium quality ARABICA Coffee Beans sourced from the finest specialty grades from around the world.

Arabica Coffee has superior Flavour, Body and Acidity to all other species of coffee. The highest grown, slow ripening coffee is selected for roasting.

Our Arabica beans come from diverse origins such as Colombia, Guatemala, Kenya, India, the Caribbean, Papua New Guinea, Brazil and Indonesia, just to name a few. The beans we source guarantee a consistency that enables us to produce the smooth rich flavours our customers enjoy time and time again.

Fair trade coffee is purchased directly from growers at higher prices in order to promote better living conditions in developing countries and provide greater economic incentives for producers. Fixations fair trade and Organic blend has just picked up a Bronze medal at the recent NZ Coffee Awards.

Check out our idea of comparing the body (Not the flavour) of the coffee blend to the body of red wine.  From lite body right through to full.  We look at our coffee flavours similar to how a wine taster compares the subtle notes and nuances of wine (did you know – wine has 400 distinguishable flavour characteristics, coffee has 800).


Coffee blends tasting comparisons

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(say – “swahv”) as it means, exceedingly smooth and pleasant, a light to medium roast with good body and medium acidity, a delicate blend incorporating a unique Caribbean origin.

Chocolate notes with a sweet and nutty aftertaste.

Body synonymous to Merlot


Feel the rich flavour of this vibe flow through your Soul!

A medium roasted blended from the Central and South Americas.

Medium body with medium to high acidity, flavours of hazelnut,caramel,  and sweet molasses with a slightly smokey after taste.

Body synonymous to Cabernet Merlot


Need a ‘Wake up call’ or maybe an afternoon ‘pick-me-up’?

A fine blend from three of the worlds most recognised coffee growing regions.

Good body with medium to high acidity. Rich and aromatic with a hint of liquorice, endowed with a long fruity aftertaste.

Body synonymous to Cabernet Merlot


Not for the fainthearted! Blended from four origins that will blow your……?

A darker espresso blend with medium body and medium to high acidity. Hints of liquorice on the nose, flavours of rich dark chocolate with a caramel aftertaste.

Body Synonymous to Bordeaux

FAIRTRADE Organic Certified Blend

Medium body with medium to high acidity.

Flavours of sweet caramel fudge with a cacao and caramel aftertaste.

Body synonymous to Pinot Noir


Ok…….if you must!

Swiss water process (100% chemically free).

An espresso blend made up of five origins.

Rich and smooth.

Single Origin of the month

PNG Korofeigu Organic

Tasting Notes:

Very bright, fruity and clean on the palate, medium body & acidity

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Fixation Coffee Roasters have acquired to date a Gold and five Bronze medals at the NZ Coffee Awards.

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