Fluid Air Coffee Roasting

A cleaner, purer and more even roast. Our customers love the taste! Old traditions are blended with new technology.

For any given coffee choice, Air Flow (or fluidized bed) coffee roasting produces the most accurate flavour development. Equally important to taste is the fact that our roaster produces consistent results time after time regardless of the human managing the process. Our customers appreciate the consistent quality. Fluid Air Roasting delivers a cleaner, purer and more even roast.

Maintenance effort and down time are practically eliminated; hence we can depend on our appliance to perform on time, every time.

  1. Heat from the air flow is applied directly to the total surface of each coffee bean.
  2. Efficient heat transfer allows the use of a lower, more gentle roasting temperature.
  3. A continual stream of fresh air movement through the coffee beans assures that all dust, agricultural debris and roasting gases are removed.
  4. Accurate “real time” measurement of roast development allows the managed completion of the roasting process independent of the operator managing the appliance.
  5. Operator requirement is kept to a minimum; this reduces the chance of human error in the roasting process.
  6. Each blend is loaded with a software driven profile for exact replication time after time.

We have perfected this method to give you depth of taste and coffee that has a distinct and lingering finish. If you haven’t tried a fluid air roasted coffee, then you are missing out! Come down to the shop or click here to get your Fixation sensation. We look forward to seeing you.

Javalytics Roast Analyser

javalytics-trayWe’ve taken another step in the quest for the perfect roast with the Javalytics Roast Analyser.

During our roasting process we are able to measure bean test samples on the analyser and precisely measure the degree of roast, enabling us to deliver much greater consistency with every batch of your favourite roast .

Fluidized Bed - Coffee Roasting

The Fluidized Bed process

is an elegantly simple way to apply heat to the coffee beans. The whole surface of the bean is surrounded with even air temperature (convective heat transfer). The interior of each coffee bean will roast gradually while levitated in hot air without the exterior of the coffee bean scorching or burning.

Computer control

Allows the roastmaster to design a roasting profile which controls the roasting operation precisely and consistently batch to batch. This eliminates the human variability inherent when using drum roasters with multiple manual controls.

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