The driving force behind this business is  a consuming passion for the perfect coffee based on informed and educated knowledge. Utilizing this knowledge and experience,we are in constant pursuit of producing the world’s best coffee. We are coffee roasters, Wholesalers & retailers in the art and science of coffee.

Quality coffee blend

Fixation Coffee starts with premium quality ARABICA Coffee Beans sourced from the finest specialty grades from around the world. Arabica Coffee has superior Flavour, Body and Acidity to all other species of coffee.

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Our Arabica Coffee comes from diverse countries such as: Colombia, Guatemala, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and others. Our suppliers provide an exhaustive grading process to all coffee beans that we roast. They must meet stringent size , density, colour consistency and taste criteria before being accepted.
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Fixation Coffee Roasters have acquired to date a Gold and five Bronze medals at the NZ Coffee Awards.